Press Release: West Wave Dance Festival/Summerfest/dance 2004

ODC Theater, July 23, 24 at 8PM 3153 17th Street, SF 863-9834 box



TRIO (in the space between) premiere

Performed by Deborah Slater Dance Theater

Piece Description:

Continents collide, ideologies clash and the outcome hinges on the actions of three women dancers who are mysteriously connected. This dance theater project is based on a painting by Alan Feltus, picturing the unknown relationship of three female dancers seated near, but not relating to, each other. Deborah Slater is the choreographer, working in collaboration with writer Deborah Crooks and the dancers, Deborah Miller, Rachel Whiting and Kerry Mehling. The original score is co-composed by Erling Wold and Thom Blum. Jeanne Henzel is the costume/set designer and Sara Linnie Slocum will design the lights.

Each character possesses a unique attribute, focus, and subsequent power that derives from their hidden story. Have they confided in one another? Have they worked together, been a friend to, a lover or betrayed one another?

What keeps these people together? How do relationships transform when they move from individual, to duo to trio?

Through dance, text and music, the trio's relationship and the work they do together serves as a metaphor for the transformative possibilities of relationships between different beings. In every moment, the dancers have the option to betray/tolerate/or love one another in big or small ways.

Ultimately, this piece explores attachment, trust and betrayal using psychological, historical, religious, social and natural structures for the source and subtext of each character.

The evening also features choreography by Brittany Brown, Erin Stuart, Sara Shelton Mann for Company Mechanique, Lisa Townsend, and Scott Wells.