hearing voices

Next month’s ohrenhoch, visit this site der Geräuschladen presentation is starting to gel, look influenced by the imminent passage of my father.

The installation must have the sounds of children playing — voices, whether raucous or angelic, chorused or solo.

Today, at my father’s, I recorded voiceovers by Cheyenne Buzzelli, an amazing 11 year-old girl with tremendous dramatic potential. (you heard it here first, folks….)

My father’s “Arizona room” was the perfect spot to record Cheyenne. (I wish I had, in San Francisco, the quiet and well-insulated recording environs of my father’s Arizona desert home. Still, there were the sounds of air conditioners to contend with, but we made due.)

Other sources that seem to be making their way into the piece include chimes or bells, clocks ticking, chairs creaking, more kids playing, and lots and lots of shimmering-glisten-sheen top coating which, hopefully, hovers about the high ceilings of the gallery.

And then there’s the basement….

Watch for 5 to 10 “audio players” (i.e., Apple iPods), each with a remote control, positioned around the gallery. You’ve got control, sort of. Take it…. Or not.

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