Brutal Sound Effects Pestival #91

Once again~~~~~~~~~it’s~~~~~~~~~~~efficient?~~~~

Brutal Sound Effects Pestival #91
6pm PST!!!!


Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants, CCCC)

Dominic Cramp
Anti Ear (New Orleans)
Bill T Miller Orgy of Noise Zonkulator (Boston)
Matt Robideux
Thom Blum
Instinct Control (Chicago)
Mas Coad (South of Los Banos)
Gargoyle Madrigal

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New (and final) addition to the “Collections” series

fr site 20 © 2016 Tuyen Q. Nguyen |

Available now, the new and final album in my Collections series presented on sfSoundLabel (Bandcamp). This album contains five selected early works that I composed from 1972 to 2000. The album’s title is Foundations because these were the keystones to my compositional focus of the two decades that would follow. And undoubtably the same early tiles remain in place for the compositions and improvisations I’m making today. (A release of new works is planned for March 2021.)

Of the five pieces on the album three are premiere recordings never before released. Two of those premieres happen to be the oldest pieces, as well as the only instrumental works — Rotochrosite (1972), for small ensemble, and Phthong (1978), for 10 vocalists and percussion.

Rotochrosite (1972, 7:00)
Phthong (1978, 11:25)
Three Studies for Pedal Steel (1995, 9:05)
To My Son Parker, Asleep in the Next Room (1996, 9:35)
Four Poems Somewhat (2000, 13:45)

I hope you’ll check out the album, as well as the three other albums in my Collections series. And while you’re there please explore the other albums on sfSoundLabel, as well as the other links you’ll find in the right-hand margin of my Bandcamp page.

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Passages – the next release of Collections: Music by Thom Blum

I’ve just released the next album in my series, Collections, presented on sfSoundLabel. It’s called Passages and includes my audio postcards and other place-specific pieces composed over the years. Each track is a sound map of a land I’ve had the good fortune to visit. The streamable album includes program notes for each of the five works.

I give Passages to you now with a special wish that it may help feed your gnawing wanderlust. You know… the one that’s undernourished these days.

Some help is here. All aboard. Journeys await! feverish dream 19 ©2016 Tuyen Q. Nguyen |


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New album series released on sfSoundLabel — Collections: Music by Thom Blum

I’m releasing a series of albums on Bandcamp’s sfSoundLabel. Each album is a collection of thematically like-minded musical works hand-picked from those I’ve produced over recent and past many years.

Abstractions 1
artwork: “baooooanh” © 2016 Tuyen Q. Nguyen |

Abstractions 2
artwork: “feverish dream 320” © 2020 Tuyen Q. Nguyen |

This is the first comprehensive gathering of my compositions into thematic and chronological releases. Once complete the series will include the following albums:

Passages: audio postcards, journals,
and travelogues (1995 – 2015)
Abstractions 1 (1996 – 2008)
Abstractions 2 (2012 – 2018)
Abstractions 3 (2018 – 2020)
Fantasias & Improvisations (2016 – 2020)

I’ll be releasing another album in the Collections about once a month. And please be on the lookout for other new releases on sfSoundLabel. My hunch is that there are more new releases percolating there.

I hope you enjoy this music and that it takes you to new places.

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San Francisco Tape Music Collective Releases New Album on Bandcamp

sfSound is pleased to announce our new release

San Francisco Tape Music Collective

A selection of fixed media works presented by the collective in recent San Francisco Tape Music Festivals.

Works by Maggi Payne, Kent Jolly, Cliff Caruthers, Matt Ingalls, Thom Blum, Kristin Miltner, and Joseph Anderson.

Freely available for streaming and download from

Donations are welcome.
All proceeds go to the San Francisco Tape Music Festival.
(post COVID-19)

The San Francisco Tape Music Collective is dedicated to presenting performances of audio art. For over 20 years they have presented The San Francisco Tape Music Festival, diffusing works from composers throughout the world in addition to their own works through a pristine immersive 24-speaker surround-sound environment, in complete darkness.

SFTMC and SFTMF are projects of sfSound.

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Amore Vieni for Isolated Ensemble by Cenk Ergün & Friends

Cenk Ergün had a great idea, inspired by the 2020 Pandemic and shelter-in-place: enlist a group of his musical friends, yours truly among them, to contribute sound recordings that Cenk would then assemble into a composition.

He executed the idea beautifully as can be heard in the new release on Bandcamp Amore Vieni for Isolated Ensemble. Check out the music and the story about how the piece came to be.

All proceeds from sales will go to the New Music Solidarity Fund.

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Another side — Due Pesci releases debut album

Another side to my music-making over the last 3 or 4 years has been playing in a duet with drummer extraordinaire and widely recognized Jazz disk jockey, Ron Pelletier. We’ve called our duet Due Pesci (“Two Fishes”) because we’re both pisces (the fish), astrologically, and in fact we share the same birthday, different years. Ron is Italian and came up with the name. It seemed apt.

I have a difficult time classifying this music. It’s not like other styles I’ve composed, like tape music or musique concrete, acousmatic, or place music. I think it’s closer to Jazz inhabited with the vaporous spirits of Jimi Hendrix.

The music results from live electronic processing, feedback, and synthesis that is sometimes loosely interleaved other times tightly commingled with trap drums and other percussion. The combination is elastic but often takes the form of a unified or fused voice that is an amalgamation of electronics and acoustics, circling in an embrace that sometimes completely blurs their boundary. Perhaps it is heading towards an electroacoustic Jazz.

Hear and get it all at Bandcamp

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San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2020, Fri-Sun, Jan 10-12

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2020
Friday, January 10, 8:30pm
Saturday, January 11, 7:00pm
Saturday, January 11, 9:30pm
Sunday, January 12, 7:00pm
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco
$20 general ($10 Sat 9:30 concert)
$10 balcony/underemployed
$50 fest pass (general seating all concerts)
advance ticket purchase
or at the door (cash only) the day of show
(box office opens one hour before showtime)

Thinking about what I might play at the San Francisco Tape Music Festival next month I rediscovered a “tape” piece of mine along the way — a musical setting that I wrote 23 years ago for a poem by the Beat author Bob Kaufman. The poem’s title is, “To My Son Parker, Asleep in the Next Room.”

I hadn’t listened to this composition (or read the poem for that matter) for at least a decade, but my inspiration to hear it again came a couple of months ago and from the same source that originally inspired its creation, Bob Kaufman.

I had just heard about the newly published collection from City Lights Books of all the surviving as well as some never-before published poems by this late great poet of North Beach fame who died in 1986. He had so inspired me with his words, which I only happened to hear on KPFA one morning during my drive to work. But that’s another story…. (Thank you Vic Bedoian!)

So I got quickly reacquainted with my own composition which like the poem reemerged from the shadows like an old friend from the past. I realized pretty much immediately that I wanted to share them both with you — Bob Kaufman’s poem and my setting of it.

And so in homage to Bob Kaufman and his words, recited perfectly by Roscoe Lee Brown, that moved me in 1995 first to tears and then directly into my studio, I’ll be playing the piece on the Saturday night, 7:00 PM program.

I hope you’ll be there to hear it. It will be in very fine company as you’ll see from the full lineup available at SFTMF.

Here are two radio interviews that SF Tape Music Collective has given prior to past Festivals.

Spot on KQED’s “California Report” by Sam Harnett

Spot on KDFC’s “State of the Art”

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Recital at the Prelinger Library, San Francisco, October 27th

I’ll be giving a late afternoon recital of solo prepared and improvised electro-acoustic
pieces at the Prelinger Library in San Francisco on Sunday, Oct. 27.

The first work Nature or nurture is a suite of four pieces for prerecorded and live-processed sound. The structures are prepared and the details are improvised. The second piece Conjuring waves/Soniferous climates is sonic alchemy, conjuring and coaxing the sound through live processing of the Library’s space.

Charles Kremenak, my cohort in the Klooj ensemble, will also present a piece on the program.

Prelinger Library
301 8th Street
Suite 215
San Francisco, CA 94103

Sunday, October 27, 2019
4:30-6:00 PM

Free or with donation to the Prelinger Library

Thom Blum (solo, electro-acoustics)
Nature or nurture
Conjuring waves/Soniferous climates

Charles Kremenak (media performance)
MEMORetc.: lost communications & memory detritus in mail-art

This performance is one of the 2019 series by Klooj and Si-si D for their Prelinger Library Residency.

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San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2019

sfSound and The San Francisco Tape Music Collective present The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2019

I’ll be premiering a work titled epenthesis, for electroacoustics and drum kit, on Friday January 4th at 9:00 PM.

Friday, Jan. 4 (9:00 PM)
Saturday, Jan. 5 (8:00 PM)
Saturday, Jan. 5 (10:30 PM — FREE TO ALL!)
Sunday, Jan. 6 (8:00 PM)

16th Street Victoria Theater
2961 16th Street
San Francisco

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