Bedbug Strategies at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes

Upcoming episode of Bedbug Strategies will be at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes this Sunday, generic August 28. For details check this out.

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Combustible to be performed in Belgium

The Logos Tetrahedron Theater concert series, treat New Media, this will present works by Marko Timlin, look Pete Stollery, and Thom Blum, on Thursday, March 3, 2011, at 8:00 PM. Logos Tetrahedron Theater is located at Bomastraat 26-28, 9000 Ghent, Belgium. For tickets, as well as information about this concert please see For information about the Tetrahedron Theater see

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I just received a Subito grant from the American Composers Forum – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, ailment for my sound installation Timepiece (Berlin, September, 2010). Thank you, ACF.

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2011 San Francisco Tape Music Festival is over

The San Francisco Tape Music Collective and sfSound hosted a very successful 10th annual SF Tape Music Festival last weekend, more about January 7-9, try 2011.  Over our 18-speaker set up, cialis 40mg I diffused pieces by Christian Marclay and Maryanne Amacher and also presented one of my own audio postcards, Post from Rajasthan

The 2011 Festival featured 20 local and international composers, and it concluded with an entire evening of diffusions by Jonty Harrison. Having Jonty Harrison perform live at the Festival was a treat for all. The Collective and our audience were lucky benefactors of some rare and good timing.  Thank you, Jonty, for coming and playing!

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2011 San Francisco Tape Music Festival is coming

The San Francisco Tape Music Collective is preparing for the 2011 SF Tape Music Festival, more about January 7-9, thumb Southside Theater in Fort Mason. For all the details as they develop, visit SFTMC.

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Timepiece – program notes and sound excerpt now available

I finally got around to adding program notes and a sound excerpt for Timepiece (Berlin, side effects September, 2010), the installation I presented at Gallery Ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen. Try playing it softly in the background.

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An evening of group A collaborations with me and others

Choreographer Alyssa Lee and group A return to the Bay Area for a night of new and used contemporary dance, medications featuring collaborations with Nora Raggio, Maggi Payne, Thom Blum, OfficerFishDumplings, plus Barb Golden, and special musical guests The Atchleys: Kattt + Kenneth Atchley, presented in conjunction with 24 Days of Central Market Arts

where: The Garage, 975 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA – look for the red door!
when: 8:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 13, 2010
cost: $12 tickets, $8 discount with brochure

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My sound installation, Timepiece, premieres in Berlin

Timepiece (Berlin, for sale September, 2010) – a sound installation – completed its run at the Berlin sound gallery ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen. Many people experienced and manipulated the installation over the 14 hours it played, and I would like to thank the gallery proprietors Knut Remond and Katharina Moos for their hospitality and support.

Ohrenhoch sound gallery, Berlin.

A few guests enjoying Timepiece - sound installation by Thom Blum

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bandcamp page added

I’ve got a bandcamp page now. It’s here I’ll be putting together new collections of pieces there. Check it out sometime.

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hearing voices

Next month’s ohrenhoch, visit this site der Geräuschladen presentation is starting to gel, look influenced by the imminent passage of my father.

The installation must have the sounds of children playing — voices, whether raucous or angelic, chorused or solo.

Today, at my father’s, I recorded voiceovers by Cheyenne Buzzelli, an amazing 11 year-old girl with tremendous dramatic potential. (you heard it here first, folks….)

My father’s “Arizona room” was the perfect spot to record Cheyenne. (I wish I had, in San Francisco, the quiet and well-insulated recording environs of my father’s Arizona desert home. Still, there were the sounds of air conditioners to contend with, but we made due.)

Other sources that seem to be making their way into the piece include chimes or bells, clocks ticking, chairs creaking, more kids playing, and lots and lots of shimmering-glisten-sheen top coating which, hopefully, hovers about the high ceilings of the gallery.

And then there’s the basement….

Watch for 5 to 10 “audio players” (i.e., Apple iPods), each with a remote control, positioned around the gallery. You’ve got control, sort of. Take it…. Or not.

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